"We're living out our dream, by doing what we love, in one of the world's most magical cities" 

   What once began as a hobby, led to a brother and sister duo establishing 'Dubrovnik Treasures' in 2009. A small boutique where jewelry is designed, handmade, and treasured by many customers all over the world.

   Starting off with a small tool box of very few tools and a makeshift studio, they began to follow their dream and endeavor into the art of jewelry making. Today with a very well equipped workshop, their hands are free to create amazing one of a kind works of art. Combining older more traditional techniques and newer technologies, is a testament to their true craftsmanship and attention to detail. 

   Lighting a torch, melting down some precious metal, making fine intricate filigree, or manipulating and shaping the precious metal into a new unique shape, polishing it to a mirror like finish, then finally combining it with a handful of coral or other colorful stones, is an everyday process in the Dubrovnik Treasures workshop.

   The environment that Simona and Marko live and work in, the culture that they are submerged in, and the history that surrounds the old city, provides the vision for most of their designs. Dubrovnik is not only a mesmerizing city, but a never ending source of inspiration.